Monday, April 12, 2010


Gibraltar cries out. just cause-
us humans went hoarse. screaming
like husbands and wives. at each
other with dialects of G-D.

I AM fool. that Almighty clown.
Foolish enough to wag my tongue
of G-D. Knowledge speaks but the
wise listen. so that woman
covered in Solomon's pearl. is Ya'll.


We unite in death or live apart.
We've been down this road before.
Just ask that Old Sweet Beggar
bout the Queen. They both got hit
by the same GRT LHT.

Capitals were never able to band
or aid our states. What law was
ever able to govern Spirit. Organism!
How great is our love! I declare
the Independence of humanity.
A prison system. And we are the bars.
Lined up in rows. Cement our cells.
in blocks. Baton strut back and POP!
Keep your eyes on the Warden!
Stand. Still. Empty of communion!

My man sporting furs.
pussy conquistador.
Scared furious at surrender.
My girl, hungry with power.
Lonely heart and claws razor.
A leopard preying on a predator.

In this traffic jam of skin.
He's playing to exhausted fumes.
She don't know if he erect in heart
when he sticks it in. Call him
muffler. the way he emits.
Reigning King of the Rock. he cut
and cook woman. to inject a
constellation of stars. scrape that
womb G. of all nectar. her milk and
honey. bottled drink from a vending
machine. cause promised lands we
lack. Sacred hips and lips hosanna.
forgotten. dance of the Ancient.
We could never esteem the skin
disguise of Creator in the eyes
of a HLY FCK

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